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WARNING: Your Hot Water System May Blow At Any Moment!

Category: Maintenance

Are you worried? You should be. A burst hot water system can cause thousands of dollars' worth of damage to your home. With water flooding your home the first items to be impacted by damage is your carpet or flooring and next is any items left on the floor. If you are in an apartment complex then you also run the risk of having your leaking water damaging your neighbours properties as well. 

If you think it will never happen to you, then listen up! I have been the victim of 4 burst hot water systems in the past 2 years!

Granted this is over 4 properties but nevertheless 4 in a single 2 year period. The first three were from rental apartments that I was living in at the time, and the forth was my father's new property.

Burst Hot Water System #1

Living on the top floor this was never going to end well. Came home to water that was flooding the apartment and soaked the carpet. A computer tower was on the floor and was almost in a puddle but somehow survived to work another day. The flood however did go into next doors apartment and was leaking through to downstairs. Luckily for us all we had to do was report to our agent, but the owner had a nice bill on their hands.

Burst Hot Water System #2

Fast forward about 12 months and we are in our new apartment. We were on the 2nd highest floor when guess what, the apartment above us (top floor again) got a burst hot water system. Water was dripping into our place from the ceiling and was almost hitting our large LCD TV. Luckily the owner arrived home in time to shut off the water before any damage was caused to our electrical equipment or ceiling. However they had destroyed wooden floorboards and their direct neighbour had soaked carpet that would surely need replacing.

Burst Hot Water System #3

Move ahead another few months from incident number 2 and we are in a new apartment on the lowest floor. And then up stairs once again had a burst hot water system. This time I truly thought the ceiling might of collapsed as water was coming in from multiple points and was as flooring down the wall. Luckily though no serious damage and owner was able to shut off the water when they got home. But once again their place was destroyed. Carpet that was totally saturated.

And Finally #4

Yep once again another burst hot water system that happened only in the last 2 weeks. This time at my father's place. Granted he had an older style of hot water systems were they are built into the room to use the gravity to feed the water around. So due to most likely old age, this water unit decided to start leaking from the bottom. Being in the ceiling it was lucky the whole unit did not explore causing 250 Litres of water to come through the ceiling. But still a slow leak was enough to damage the carpet costing around $5000 worth of damage. 

How to Avoid This Happening to You?

Well like any appliance in your home, your hot water system also requires regular maintenance checks. Once such thing that must be performed every 6-12 months in releasing the pressure valve. Doing so is said to prevent the unit from too much build up which can cause bursting. If you are in doubt always consult your local plumber to check and make sure your hot water system is running correctly. The last thing you want to have is water flooding throughout your home and ruining your carpet, flooring and that of your neighbours if you are in an apartment complex.