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Sydney Locksmiths Keep Security High

Category: Maintenance

If you have just bought yourself a new property in Sydney you will want to utilise your local locksmith to ensure that your new investment stays secure.

All too often the new owners do nothing about the existing locks and before you know it they are robbed. Ar first glance their does not appear to be any sign of break and enter and that is because there is none. The previous owners, tenants or friends or residents of the property have easily let themselves into your home with their existing keys.

Have you ever thought about how many previous keys are out there that exist for the purpose of gaining entry to your locks? Sure you may have the latest Lockwood deadbolt on the front door, windows and sliding back doors. But if a previous tenant to that property has the exact same keys then you are screwed. Or at least you are from a security measure.

So what should you be doing in this instance? Calling up your local locksmith. If you are in Sydney we recommend Bondi Junction Mobile Locksmiths. Not only are they a true 24 hour locksmith available for gaining entry passed locked doors when you have misplaced your keys or locked yourself out. But they also provide all types of locksmiths services including replacing locks.

But wait a minute, you said that your locks were already the latest Lockwood model, boasting high security and to purchase new locks in the same model for your whole house would be a fortune! Luckily there are other options for you. Another service provided by these and many other locksmiths is lock rekeying. This is where the existing lock has its internals reset so that it will only work with a newly cut key. All existing keys will no longer turn and unlock the lock. Lock rekeying takes just as long as reinstalling new locks, and is often quicker. But in terms of cost can sometimes be way cheaper. This all depends on what locks you have currently installed.

Sometimes the locksmith may recommend that you upgrade locks to a higher security device, but our recommended locksmiths are honest and always providing suggestions. based on your budget.

So when you finally have the keys to your new property make sure this is one of the first steps that you complete. You want to make sure that your property is yours and you keep your security high. Call on a trusted Sydney locksmith to get this done and you will be fine.