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Laying the Foundations for a Great Building

Category: Construction

Vacant BlockWhen it comes to building houses, building, apartment blocks and any type of structure, to do it right you always need solid foundations. And before any foundations are laid you need to spend a long time in the planning stage. There is a saying that goes: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This holds true in many instances throughout life but is vitally important in building and construction too.

While in the planning stage you need to know the basics, obviously what are you setting out to achieve. By having a clear end goal you know that all future plans will be on track to this final outcome. Next you need to plan how you are going to get there, what jobs are involved and namely what support will be needed. Also where you are planning to complete this construction will also influence what permits or access you need granted. Many local councils and governments prevent certain building structures by height and size for instance to keep the suburb at a somewhat standard. If you don't take the time to make sure that you are covered and approved to complete your desired outcome then starting is both a waste of time and money.

Once you have all your approvals in check, you have a solid plan of what needs to be done, you have materials sourced and lined up and everyone knows who will be completing each job, you are ready to go. In effect these planning stages have been your foundations for getting started, and now you are at the stage of working on the foundations. Well almost.

Before you start laying the foundations you need to ensure that the ground you are working on it cleared and free from any existing building structure and general debris. You need to start with a clean slate. And often digging down may find shale, sandstone and even slate. This may require a demolition team and an excavator to get in and clear all existing material and obtrusion's on site. 

To lay solid foundations you often need to go deep, the larger the building the deeper you may have to go. You need to find solid ground to ensure that your structure will be stable and stand up to the elements of the earth. Your site engineer will have given directives of the level you must dig down to and this would have all been completed in the plans.

Getting to this level is where the building stage actually begins. Foundations can start being laid and over the next few weeks and months the new born structure will start to take shape. Laying foundations is a critical part of a buildings success, however as you can see laying foundations is not the first step of a successful building. Their is a lot more planning that goes on before the site can even be claimed as a building site and this must be taken into consideration.

Either way through great planning and dedication anything can be achieved, as long as the permits are obtained. The foundations are the visual start of great things to come.