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Easy ways to make your room look bigger

Category: Renovations
The fact that you live in a small room does not mean that you have to feel cramped. In this article, we are going to be looking at some easy steps you can take to make your room look bigger.
  • Furniture
Packing your small room filled with small furniture is only going to make it appear smaller. On the other hand, using few bigger furniture is going to make your room look bigger. Instead of trying to fill your room with chairs, coffee table and sofa, try using a using a large ottoman and a single side chair.
  • Remove clutter
Ensure that everything has its place. Get rid of everything that doesn’t seem to fit in. Carefully arrange books and newspapers instead of allowing them to lie around on your chairs and tables.
One thing you need to have in mind is that the smallest clutter can affect the overall outlook of your room.
  • Color and fabrics
A good color is likely going to improve the appearance of your room. The type of color you use to paint your room is either going to make it bigger or smaller. If you want to make your room bigger, it is wise that you use light colors.
Also, you need to avoid using heavy fabric like wool, velvets and use lightweight fabric like cotton and linen.
  • Natural light
Good lighting is an important element in any room. Using natural light to light up your room is often the best. If your room doesn’t have much natural light, you have to do all you can to maximize the little you have. Hang a mirror on the wall facing your window. This will make more natural light to reflect into your room.
  • Art work
These are just like furniture. It is always best to use a few larger pieces. Using a lot of smaller artwork is going to make your room appear smaller.
  • Details
Using furniture with elaborate designs and other accessories like tassels and other details is going to make your room look smaller. Keeping thing simple is an excellent way to make your room appear bigger.
  • Final note
Making a small room appear bigger is not an easy business. But if you apply the tips in this article, your room is going to look spacious. One thing you need to keep in mind when making your room look bigger is that-less is more.